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Your Best Guide to Choosing the Music for Your Wedding : The Wedding Music Made Easy™ Podcast

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Wedding Music Made Easy™ Podcast Series

Brides and Grooms, be sure to check out my new Wedding Music Made Easy™ Podcast. This series will concisely give you everything that you need to select some great music for your Wedding.

In each episode I play through many examples ranging from Classical music to today’s top hits.

Go here to get started.

Your Wedding Music should “Go with the Flow”

Your Wedding Ceremony or Service will generally be guided by this simple formula:

  • a quiet beginning,
  • a prayerful middle
  • a joyous end.

Within this simple framework there are countless variations and that is what makes each wedding service a unique experience.

You may have already put together a list of your own personal favorite songs and you very likely have been guided by suggestions from your family and friends.

Having played for hundreds of Weddings, I am uniquely qualified to guide you in choosing the piano music that will be just right for the style that you have in mind for your Wedding Ceremony or Service.

Where’s the Pop/Country Wedding Music?

The list given below is limited to Classical/Religious music.

But there are many Pop and Country tunes, as well as music in other styles that will work great for your Wedding.  You can request my up-to-date song list of nearly 700 pop songs. Many of these pop songs can be used for your Service or Ceremony as well as for your Cocktail Hour or Reception Dinner.

To request this song list or to discuss your wedding’s music with me further, please phone/text me at (262)893-1759 or send me an email.

What if there is not an instrument at your venue?

If the church or other venue for your wedding does not have a suitable piano or organ, don’t worry. I have a portable keyboard and professional sound system that sound great!

Please go to this page to listen to some examples of my playing Wedding Music using this instrument.

Wedding Music: Hearing the Forest for the Trees

Since the repertoire of religious and classical wedding music suitable for a Ceremony or Service spans several centuries, it would be impossible to list all of the possibilities.

I will be happy to work closely with you to sort through the seemingly endless possibilities and help you create a truly unique Wedding Ceremony or Service.

Prelude Wedding Music

Several quieter songs can be played during the 15-30 minutes before the Wedding Ceremony while your family and friends are gathering:

  1. “Air on the G String” (J.S. Bach)
  2. “Aria, Bist du bei mir” (Be thou near me), (J. S. Bach)
  3. “Gymnopedie No. 1” (Erik Satie)
  4. “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” (J. S. Bach)
  5. “Largo” from (Xerxes), (George Frederic Handel)
  6. “Sheep May Safely Graze” (J. S. Bach)
  7. “Sonata in E Flat,” Adagio, (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  8. “Water Music” (George F. Handel)

Processional Wedding Music

The “walking” set of songs that are played when first the Moms of the Bride and Groom, the Bridal Party and finally you, the Bride, walk down the aisle:

  1. “Air” (from Water Music Suite), (George F. Handel)
  2. “Bridal Chorus” (also known as “Here Comes the Bride”, Richard Wagner)
  3. “Canon in D” (Johann Pachelbel)
  4. “The Prince of Denmark’s March” (Jeremiah Clarke)
  5. “Trumpet Tune” (Henry Purcell)
  6. “Trumpet Voluntary” (Jeremiah Clarke)
  7. “Wedding Processional” (from The Sound of Music)

Interlude Wedding Music

A gentle song is often played during any quiet moment(s) during the wedding ceremony such as a Unity Candle Lighting, Sand Ceremony or the sign Sign of Peace:

  1. “All Things Bright and Beautiful” (Traditional hymn)
  2. “Amazing Grace” (Traditional hymn)
  3. “Arioso” (J. S. Bach)
  4. “Ave Maria” (Franz Schubert)
  5. “Ave Maria” (Johann S. Bach/Charles Gounod)
  6. “Reverie” (Claude Debussy)

Recessional Wedding Music

The joyous song played as you, your Husband and the Bridal Party exit down the aisle:

  1. “Allegro Maestoso” (from Water Music Suite), (George F. Handel)
  2. “Hornpipe” (from Water Music Suite), (George F. Handel)
  3. “Ode to Joy” (Ludwig van Beethoven)
  4. “Rondeau” (theme from Masterpiece Theater)
  5. “Wedding March” (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Felix Mendelssohn)

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