Wedding Music Ideas for Your Ceremony and Reception

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As of 1/01/2022 This is an archived web site. I am no longer available for weddings or other events. After 50+ years I am retired!

Looking for Wedding Music Ideas for Your Ceremony or Reception?

Wedding Music Ideas begin with wanting to have a beautiful Wedding Ceremony or Reception, and finding the most romantic wedding music you can find. 

Even some experienced party planners overlook the most significant element in having a beautiful wedding: romantic piano music.

When it comes to wedding music, Bands or DJs are fine for the dance floor. But what about the

  • Ceremony or Service,
  • Cocktail Hour or pre-Reception drinks in the bar
  • Reception Dinner?

These are the romantic moments when you need the professional skills of a skilled piano player for you Wedding.

FREE Wedding Music Made Easy™ Podcast Series

Wedding Music, Wedding Cereony, Wedding Service, Piano,Wedding Music Made Easy Podcast Series

Wedding Music Made Easy™ Podcast Series

Brides and Grooms,  my free Wedding Music Made Easy™ Podcast Series is a great place to start. It will give you all the Wedding Music ideas that you need to select the music for your Wedding Ceremony.

Filled with tips and ideas about selecting the music for your Wedding, the Wedding Music Made Easy™ Podcast Series will help you understand the traditions and trends of today’s Wedding Music.

The more that you know, the better you will be able to create the Wedding of your dreams.

You should also check out my Wedding Music Blog.

Finding The Right Piano Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

During your Wedding Ceremony itself, which is at the heart of your Wedding, the four or five songs that you select will set the tone for the entire day. A piano player performing romantic Wedding Songs that mean the most to you can greatly add to the beauty of this special moment in your life as a couple.

It is also recommended that the beautiful piano music begin about thirty minutes before the start of your Wedding Ceremony or Service. This welcoming or prelude music will help your family and friends prepare for the romantic event that they are about to witness. Working closely with you, only a professional piano player knows exactly how to set the mood for the Wedding Ceremony that will follow this short time of quiet gathering.

Finding Piano Music for Your Cocktail Party and Reception Dinner

Following the Wedding Ceremony, your guests — especially the quieter ones — will generally find it much easier to socialize when stylish piano music is being played in the background. Stylish piano music is a perfect way to make all of your guests feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable as your celebration gracefully moves from the Wedding Ceremony to the Wedding Dinner and the dance floor.

Request a Quote

Please use the Quote Request form at the bottom of this page.

If I am available on the date you need me to play piano or organ for your wedding ceremony and reception, the booking process is often completed within 24 hours.

Not planning a wedding? I am also available to play Cocktail Piano or Dinner Music for your next dinner party or corporate event.

A Word About My Fees

My very affordable fees generally range from $150.00 to $500.00 with my average fee for most Weddings being under $200.00.

My total fee will be based on three variables:

  • The length of time you want me to perform.
  • The distance I must travel (no charge within 100-mile round-trip of Delafield, Wisconsin).
  • Whether or not there are any rehearsals before the day of your Wedding. I do not normally attend Wedding rehearsals. The exception being when there is a soloist (voice or  instrument) that I need to work with before your Wedding.

Please keep in mind that QUOTES are FREE and there is NO CHARGE for my being your personal Wedding Music Consultant as we work together to select the music for your beautiful Wedding.

If you have any questions please email me or call/text 262-893-1759 today.

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