Saying ‘I Do’ to Wedding Planning

Robins and flowers are sure signs of Spring. Also, for some lucky couples, Spring is the time of year to plan for their wedding.

Despite the bad economy, natural disasters and cut-throat politics, people still fall in love. Most Americans get engaged during the Holidays. They also prefer to get married during the Summer. This makes a lot of sense in Wisconsin since during those months you have a fair chance of having good weather.

An article on Sunday in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gives brides and grooms a nice peek at about half a dozen books about wedding planning. I am sure that these titles only scratch the surface.

If you are still planning your wedding for 2011 and have not yet booked a musician, I urge you do so ASAP. In fact, it is not too early to book me for 2012.

Elsewhere on my web site you will find specific information that will help you plan the best music for your special day.