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Photo courtesy of John Hainstock Photography.

Photo courtesy of John Hainstock Photography.

Patrick Byrne Wedding Reception Ceremony

Dinner Music: The Start of a Great Corporate Event

If you want to host a successful Corporate Event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you will want to pay close attention to the type of music that you select for your event. Live, dinner cocktail music performed by highly-rated pianist Patrick Byrne is your best choice.


Cocktail Music breaks the Ice…

Loud bands or DJs are great for dancing. But what about the casual drinks in the bar or the reception before Dinner? These quiet moments are where the vital initial interactions or first impressions take place. As the host, you want to foster these important conversations in order to insure the success of your event.

Cocktail dinner music played by pianist Patrick Byrne instantly provides a focal point  for your Corporate Event. Everyone loves live piano music and people are always happy to talk about it… even with complete strangers.

Once the dinner cocktail music  “breaks the ice”, live music performed by pianist Patrick Byrne can continue to provide a sociable atmosphere for casual or serious conversations through the rest of the evening.



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Dinner Music sets the Tone…

People — especially your quieter clients and guests — generally find it much easier to socialize when pianist Patrick Byrne performs stylish dinner cocktail music. Whether Pat is playing Jazz, Pop or even Classical music, the addition of  live dinner cocktail music is a classy way to help your clients feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable while they carry on an enjoyable conversation.

The smaller and more intimate the corporate event — such as a Dinner Party in your home or at a local hotel or restaurantthe more  important it is to have pianist Patrick Byrne perform  dinner cocktail music to set the tone for a successful evening.

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